This is a FAQ relating to setting passwords for your brute.

Can I delete a password? Edit

No. Once you create the password, you can only modify but not delete it.

Can I add a password later? Edit

Beware that you may be unable to set password later. It's advised you should set password as early as possible, preferably just after creation, before it becomes too late.

Theoretically the server only wants to allow the original creator to set the password only but it doesn't always work fine technically. You can only password your Brute if you meet the following criteria:

  1. Your IP hasn't been changed. It's believed that you can no longer set password once your IP is changed. Players with dynamic IP should beware of it.
  2. Your computer still stores the tracking files. It's tested and confirmed that you are still unable to set password if you don't have the tracking files in your computer, even if you have the same IP address.
  3. (Unconfirmed) It's said once you leveled up to Lv 2-3 you will no longer offer the option to set password despite that you still retain the the same IP address and tracking files in your computer. As of the 2nd May 2009: "Motion Twin has changed it so that once your brute has reached a certain level (2 or 3) they will no longer offer the set password option for that brute regardless if brute was created on same computer."

Will my account be deleted if it's left unpassworded? Edit

No. Once a brute is created it'll remain forever unless a developer deletes yours manually. Your Brute account won't be deleted even if you create it, unpassworded and left it inactive for months or years.

Can the master control/manage the pupil? Edit

No if you have set the password. Otherwise everyone can control the pupil, of course, including the master.

What're the differences between public brute and private brute? Edit

Public Brute: Brute without password, open for everyone to play Private Brute: Password-protected Brute

If you don't set password and it becomes a public brute, no one can set the password later (even the initial creator). Everyone can control it to do fights and join tournaments. However it can't join clan or create clan.