Now this is one of the easiest parts and the most addicting. The developers set no limitations for an instant game access creator. In fact, the list of things you don't need to participate is so huge, it blasts this wiki.

Most important is that you don't need to add your email nor your real name to play! You can also protect your Brute/s from being played by others in your brutes cell.


Requirements Edit

In order to bring a new brute to life, you need to complete a few easy steps:

  1. Go to To the left, you'll see the area where you should input your name and change your features.
  2. Choose a minimum of 3 letters, and up to a maximum of 13 letters (referred to as name); this can't be skipped!'
  3. Change appearance and gender by clicking on the bottom left button; optional
  4. randomize colors to your liking by clicking on the bottom right button; optional
  5. Hit Validate; repeat until your brute's name is unique