Combat effects include: Edit

  • Attack : Swing a fist or weapon into your opponent.
  • Steal : Stealing a weapon can be done using the Thief Special.
  • Block : Block incoming damage.
  • Dodge : Avoids incoming damage.
  • Counter: Attacks a enemy as they try to get close. Longer weapons increase the chance of this.
  • Counter-attack: Attacks an enemy after they've tried to hit you. The chance of this is increased by Pugnacious.
  • Disarm : Weapons (Some more than others) have a chance to disarm your opposing brute's weapon. The Impact Special increases this chance.
  • Throw : Weapons can be thrown in rage, and deal additional damage to the opposing brute.
  • Discard : Weapons can be discarded when your brute tires of it. This usually indicates that they are selecting a new weapon.
  • Heal : Having the Tragic Potion Special allows you to drink a potion to restore some health.
  • Bomb: Throws an area damaging bomb at opponent. This is one of four Anti-Pet Specials
  • Scream: The Cry of the Damned Special screams at an opposing pet causing them to run away in fear.
  • Multi-Throw: Jumps into air and throws multiple weapons at enemy.
  • Fierce Brute: Your next attack will yield a greater damage cap if a successful hit is made.
  • Hammer: Runs up to opponent, grabs hold of him and jumps into the air then smashing him on the ground.
  • Hypnosis: Steals an opponent pet.
  • Net: Throws a net trapping an opponent or pet until they are attacked and freed.