To increase levels, your brute needs experience. There are only two ways to gain experiences:

  1. Fighting in the Arena, however, fighting is tiresome and your brute can only fight 3 times per day (6 times for the first day).
  2. Acquire quantified pupils

If you win a battle against a comparable Brute, you get 2 exp. Otherwise 1 exp. If you win a battle against a non-comparable Brute, you get 1 exp. Otherwise ?? exp. When you get a quantified pupil, you get 1 exp. When your pupil levels up, you get 1 exp too.

A comparable brute must be at least -2 levels or higher than yours, and does not play the game from the same IP address (?).

A quantified pupil is intended to be a true newcomer who joins this game by your invitation. The system checks upon creation to see if you create pupils yourself or a few experienced players keep creating pupils for one another. See How to pupil guide for details.

Tactic Edit

One tactic some players use to find easy opponents is described as Weak brute hunting.