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Welcome to the My Brute Wiki
The wiki about a small and addictive browser/flash beat-em-up game that you can enjoy by visiting

There is much to discover here! Each Brute has 28 different skills to learn, 3 pets and 26 weapons to fight with. The MyBrute wiki will help you find out a bit more the game's features, learn new tactics and find hints for better battles.

206 articles since March 2009.

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2009.04.25/Images being added
Weapons stubbed and images added. Same for Specials.
2009.04.24/Images being added
Pets and Ranking have had some images added. More to follow.
2009.04.21/Sinew and tissue
Some restructuring and new pages created. Site rules set up, be sure to read them before editing.

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Bear, Rawr!

The bear is a rare pet you can obtain by increasing your brute's level.

Featured article


Iron Mace

There is a large variety of Weapons in My Brute, be sure you know them all!