A general set of rules for the wiki to avoid general chaos. These will be updated and amended over time.

No advertising

  • Simply put, don't create or edit pages for your brute to harvest Pupils. Use your own website or forums for that. You can however link to the brute(s) you own on your wiki account's page, or talk page. But don't spam other users with your brute link.
  • We'll create a special page / Dojo for this purpose at a later date, but the main focus should be information for now.
  • Do not "ever" post a link to your brute on the wiki. Hopefully this is clear.


  • English only.
  • When editing, leave behind a note "what" you changed. This makes it easier to find back any mistakes and revert them if needed.
  • Don't sign Wiki pages with your signature (~~~~), but always sign talk pages. That's what talk pages are for.
  • Preview before saving pages. This will reduce the number of total edits in the page history.
  • Practice makes perfect, feel free to muck about on the Sandbox page if you're unsure how stuff here works.
  • Write facts; don't write opinions. The wiki is for information, so "I think" should never be written on an article. If something is unclear or incomplete use the {{Stub}} tag.


  • Vandals are the low scum of the earth, but they are part of wikis in general. If you notice somebody vandalized a page, revert their edit with the use of the page history. Don't edit it. If you're unsure how to fix what you believe is page vandalism you can report them on the Vandals page.

Punishment and duration

Anonymous users

  • Profanity and abuse of other users: 3 days for first offenders, 1 month thereafter, 1 year if you're slow to learn after that.
  • Vandalism: 1 month
  • Advertising your own brute: 1 month
  • Repeat and/or multiple violations of vandalism or advertising: 1 year

Registered users

  • Profanity and abuse of other users: 3 days for first offenders, 2 weeks thereafter, 3 months or 1 year thereafter depending on severity.
  • Vandalism: 2 weeks
  • Advertising your own brute: 2 weeks
  • Repeat and/or multiple violations of vandalism of advertising: 3 months to 1 year depending on severity.