Net is considered a Super and will only be used once per Arena fight.

Description Edit

A classic net. Not as cool as Spiderman's, but it's good enough for your enemy... Your enemy will be immobilised until you feel like hitting him again.


Effect Edit

Immobilises your opponent or one of your opponent's pets in a net, disabling them and preventing them from participating in the fight, until the trapped victim suffers damage from any source. Immobilised pets will not be attacked by a Brute's melee or thrown attacks, or by an opposing pet, but may be freed by the area effect damage of a Bomb. This Super, when combined with Fierce Brute and a heavy weapon, can lead to an unanswered attack which inflicts significant damage (or even a K.O.), since netted brutes cannot dodge or counter.

Another great use is when you use this on an enemy brute who has drawn a strong countering weapon (Halberds and whips, specifically) and is very hard to approach (imagine them with 6th Sense as well).

If you're lucky you can possibly disarm the enemy with your free attack run.