OpenBrute.Org - is an "Open" charecter in the game MyBrute. It is raised on the freedom philosophy. It belongs to the whole world and everyone can play as the brute. Operated mainly by wiki-site users and supporters of free software. But as mentioned above - everyone can play as the brute. The mission is to show that if people work together, they may create something ultimatly stong (be it a MyBrute or anyghting else).

Some trivia about Openbrute.Org :

Openbrute.Org - was created in the "wikihow" enviroment and is set to spread to other wiki sites. Deizel Tavern was selected as the master for the fact that every pupil he had was at least relativly strong. OpenBrute.Org - is a female charecter in tribute to the saying "Lady Freedom". OpenBrute.Org - was created on August 17, 2009.