Thief is a Super which is used in Arena fights.

In-Game Description Edit

"This weapon allows you to discreetly steal your enemy's weapon and use it against him."

Effect Edit

When your brute has this Super, he will leap across the screen to the enemy brute and wrestle the weapon away from them. If your brute currently has a weapon, it will drop it first before leaping. This is 100% accurate, nothing can stop the weapon from being taken. If a thief is fighting an opponent with a weapon drawn, the chances of thief activating are decently high.

In a fight with two thieves, one had a knife, and one was unarmed. The original knife owner hit the other thief, before having the weapon stolen, and then was hit with his own dagger. However he then jumped back over and stole his knife back. This continued until finally one side threw the knife at the other thief.

Thief can activate multiple times in one round, against any weapon.

The one possible downside is thieving a weak, ranged weapon from a brute with Martial Arts, or ending up with a weak weapon if you have a good one or Martial Arts.